Security Threatening Dating Apps and its Affect on Employers

this month after reviewing 41 percent of the most popular dating apps for cyber security. According to the study, 60 percent of the apps are “vulnerable to potential cyberattacks that could put personal user information and organizational data at risk.” The study showed that hackers could have access to users’ locations, photos, contacts, microphone, billing information, and even the ability to change one’s dating profile. Even more concerning, the study revealed that 50 percent of companies have employees who use dating apps on their work devices, putting potentially confidential company information at risk.

Companies and online daters should be aware of the security risks these apps may pose. Companies may want to consider policies prohibiting or limiting the use of dating and other potentially risky apps on work devices to prevent exposure to confidential company information. Online daters should remember to keep their profiles vague, review app permissions regularly, and delete their profiles once they have found that special someone.  Those who do not use dating apps should consider similar self-protective privacy measures when using any app.  At a minimum, companies and their employees should have a set policy and procedure in place to counter the risks associated with these personal apps to prevent the potential breach or loss of both personal and company information.