Gordon & Rees Wishes Everyone a Happy Privacy Day!

On Jan. 22, Gordon & Rees presented its First Inaugural Legal Education Conference, a day of informative programs covering 10 legal areas of key importance to businesses. The Privacy and Data Security Group presented on the topic “Trends in Data Breach, Emerging Regulations, Enforcement and Lawsuits” at the Convene Conference Center in New York City.

The program panelists included Gordon & Rees attorneys Andrew Castricone, Craig Mariam, Linda Mullany, Peiyi Chen, and Hazel Mae Pangan, who discussed the triggering events and identification of a data breach incident, responsive and investigative measures, notification requirements to government agencies and consumers, and customer/client complaints and lawsuits. In addition to retail and institutional breaches, the panelists reviewed HIPAA/HITECH Privacy and Security Rules, as well as the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, including its similarities and differences to other data security rules, and the Enforcement Rule under HIPAA. More than 200 guests, including clients, attorneys, business owners, consultants and industry experts were among those in attendance.

For your reference, we’ve provided Cyber/Data Breach Reference Guide: Best Practices, State Surveys, HIPAA Enforcement. This helpful guide includes a 50 state survey of the current data breach statutes as well as an additional 50 state survey of current data destruction statutes.

We thank you to all those who attended, and helped make the symposium a great success.

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